DBA Interview -Backup Recovery

DBA Interview -Backup Recovery
1)Explain partial backup.
2)Difference between partial backup and full backup.
3)Describe full backup.
4)How does database shutdown take place?
5)How does database startup take place?
6)Describe the various steps in Instance Recovery.
7)What do you mean by On-line Redo Log?
8)What do you mean by Archived Redo Log?
9)What is meant by Mirrored Online Redo Log?
10)Various modes used in mounting a database with a Parallel Server.
11)How do we perform a full backup in an open database?
12)Explain the Restricted Mode of Instance Startup.
13)What do you understand by Log Switch?
14)Why do we prefer to operate a database in ARCHIVELOG mode than NO ARCHIVELOG mode?
15)How does Instance Recovery take place?
16)How do we make the recovery using missing online redo logs?
17)How can we recover a missing data file?

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