Psychometric Interview Test Paper

Psychometric Practice Test Questions for IT Companies Indian MNC Sample Psychometric tests.
The choices to these questions are:
(a) Yes.
(b) No.
(c) ?

Psychometric Test – Crucial Round:
1. You are quick in your actions.
2. You have a habit of starting things and then losing interest in them.
3. When you were a child many of your playmates naturally expected you to be the leader.
4. You sometimes avoid social contacts for fear of doing or saying the wrong thing.
5. You have frequent ups and downs in mood, sometimes with and sometimes without apparent cause.
6. You always seem to have plenty of vigour and vitality.
7. It is difficult for you to understand people who get very concerned about things.
8. When a clerk in a store waits on others who come after you, you call his or her attention to the fact.
9. You would be very unhappy if you were prevented from making numerous social contacts.
10. There are times when your future looks very dark.
11. You sometimes wish that people would slow down a bit and give you a chance to catch up.
12. Many of your friends think you take your work too seriously.
13. You hesitate to walk into a meeting when you know that everyone’s eye will be upon you.
14. You limit your friendships mostly to members of your own sex.
15. You almost always feel well and strong.
16. You seem to lack the drive necessary to get as much as other people do.
17. You make decisions on the spur of the moment.
18. You are rather good at bluffing when you find yourself in difficulty.
19. After being introduced to someone , you just cannot think of things to say to make good conversation.
20. You feel lonesome even when with other people.
21. You are able to work for unusually long hours without feeling tired.
22. You often act on the first thought that comes into your head.
23. At the scene of an accident, you take an active part in helping out.
24. You have difficulty in making new friends.
25. Your mood often changes from happiness to sadness or vice versa without knowing why.
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