Tips while Answering a interview question

Tips while Answering a interview question
These are some important consideration while answering interview questions they are
1) Positive tone and stress on important issues.
2) Don’t brood on negative aspects of your ex employer or your weakness it can send negative vibes to your interviewer.
3) Management skills should be exhibited in your words and actions during the interview. Body language can help you very much while you are displaying management skills.
4) Make the interviewer and yourself comfortable because it can make the environment very friendly for discussion.
5) Flow of thought should be present if you don’t have words to express yourself then it is better to take an interview course or public speaking course. If you cannot express yourself then there is no point in attending an interview. But if you have adequate technical knowledge and facing difficulty to express it in English then ask permission of the interviewer to express your opinion or interview in your native language and then show him sufficient documents that you are trying to develop command in the language. Attend a tutorial or classes because it can have a significant impact in future.
6) You can answer to the interviewer questions only if you are comfortable with your clothing and perfume. Don’t over exaggerate yourself to impress the interviewer. Wear good clothes and minimal amount of deodorant.
7) When answering technical questions it is always important to have a notepad and a pencil to explain him thoroughly about the various process or logic you have employed in the project. Always maintain professionalism no matter how friendly the recruiter is. Professionalism is much wanted in service oriented industries. If you have applied for a sales position you can show him your achievements in meting the targets set for the previous quarter if you haven’t achieved the results you can specify the reason for not achieving the desired result.
8) Never undermine the knowledge of the HR department professionals because they have interviewed many candidates and they have adequate knowledge about the different horizontals and verticals of the industry. In case you get selected still the way you behaved will be reflected in the CR. Respect them even you have lost the job and ask them the different areas they need to concentrate to achieve the desired results.
9) You need to have your LOR before you when you speak about your experience with your ex employer. If you are a fresher then it is very important to get letters of recommendation from your lecturer, professor or from the head of the department.
10) Ask questions on your job profile, your position, timings, and general information about the company and technical doubts. Never ever ask questions because you need to ask them. HR professionals are much experienced in taking interviews then you are they can easily spot between a fake candidate, one trying to put up a fake image and the talented one.
11) It is always good to ask the outcome of the interview but it all depends upon how you ask. Many recruiters never answer this question and the most common reply will be I will let you know after interviewing other candidates. Ask them if I was the only candidate do I have chances for the job if he hesitates to this question then you need to sell yourself better next time.
12) Be to the point never over do or under do. If you want to reply to a question say what are the difficulties you faced during the project? Then answer according to the question and don’t explain to him the whole project reserve it for another question. Explain to him all the difficulties you faced during the project. Never over do or under do.
13) When you speak either to a group, panel or to an interviewer you need to open your mouth and speak audibly. Person in front of you should never ever assume that you have answered to a certain question. He should not ask you to reply the answer you just gave it shows poor communication skills. Be confident and express yourself about an answer to a certain question.
All the best.

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