Fresher Wipro HR Interview

Fresher Wipro HR Interview
1. About yourself and your family. What does your father do? ur mother?
2. Have you attended any interviews?
3. A question about a habit i had written in my resume.
4. What do you do in your free time?
5. why u have chosen IIIT and Computer Science?
6. How would you explain about wipro to other people?
Answer: About Wipro: Wipro is Technology Service Company. It has development Centres in Bangalore,Chennai,Hyderabad in India, U.S.A, canada, Australia, Japan etc. It’s Vision is to become Global Top 10 Technology Service Company by 2010. (Here she asked so you have gone through the company’s website and I said yes). It provides customer solutions for wide range of services like Finance,Banking, Product Design Services,Business Process Outsourcing.
7. Why did you choose Wipro?
Answer: Explained that i would like to join a service company rather than a product company.Also I said that I met some seniors who joined wipro and they told me that “if u want work,enjoyment and Development,then Wipro is the place to be”. I said finally that I was inspired by the philosophy of Wipro i.e “Challenge to the Mind and Rewards to the Soul”.
8. One word which would describe you.
Answer: Commitment. Then explain how does that apply to you.
9. Will you give ur 100% efforts if u join Wipro?
Ans: Wow what a question. Who would say no here? I said Yes, definitely. I’m commited to my job and i will be committed to my work.

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