Digital Electronics Interview Questions

Digital Electronics Interview Questions
1)Flip flop and their working. What is metastable state in flip-flops?
2)Construct a d flip-flop from a t flip-flop.Differentiate b/w flip-flop and latches
3)What is totem pole?
4)Draw the state graphs for a given problem like sequence generator, flip flop etc
5)Implement Boolean expressions using MUX (2 to 4,3 to 8,etc)
6)Design a decade counter
7)Explain internal organization of memory chips
8)What is a bit? What is CMOS? Draw the circuit of an adder using NAND gate
9)What is a Karnaugh map?
10)What are the four methods to reduce a Boolean?
11)What is the difference b/w half adder and full adder?
12)What are the advantages of CMOS and TTL?What technology is used in CMOS logic?What are VLSI and ULSI? What is the number of components in both?
13)Explain synchronous and asynchronous counter
14)Minimize the function using Quine McClusky:f=xy+x’y+yz+x’y’z’
15)What is prime implicant? Which is the universal flip-flop?
16)What is SRAM and DRAM? Compare the two, relative cost of the two.
17)What will happen in the case of a power failure for the above?
18)What is tristate or high impedance state?
19)What are the difference between open collector output and totem pole out put?
20)Find the highest clocking frequency of a digital circuit give the rise time ,fall time and propagation delay?

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