Drupal Interview Questions part 1

Drupal Interview Questions
1.What is Drupal?
2.What is content management system?CMS?
3.Which are commonly used PHP based CMS?
4.What is an Open source software ?
5.What are GNU Licenses ?
6.Why are so many Drupal versions available - 4.x, 5.x ...? Which one should I use?
7.Can I use Drupal on the command line?
8.What are hooks in Drupal?
9.What is Database abstraction layer in Drupal?
10.Explain the menu system in Drupal?Purpose of menus?
11.How to interact with Drupal search system?
12.What is a Module in drupal?
13.Explain User, Permission, Role in drupal?
14.Explain the concept of node in drupal?
15.Explain Concept of Comment in Drupal?

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