Finance Accounts Interview Questions

Finance Accounts Interview Questions
1.How would you feel your skills garnered in college will help you in the professional world?
In the university, I have been exposed to a number of different accounting & finance systems e.g. EasyFinance, SmartNumber, UberAccount, NetSuite, SAP and a few others. Not only were we, the students, exposed to the theory – we also had some deep practical experience in them.
While the name and proprietary of each system differs, essentially they all require a set of good knowledge and expertise in accounting and finance subjects. So I would not have much issue in adapting to distinguished system because I know my basic accounting exposure will prepare me for the working and professional world.
2.What are your greatest strengths you will bring to the company?

I am fast and meticulous – an important combination of attributes for this line of work. Coupled with my competency and speedy adaptation to new environment, I can assure you someone who would make a difference in your organization. I have proven this in the past; I know I will do it again.
Additionally, I have outstanding interpersonal skills, which would benefit this organization in this service oriented business. I develop and maintain rapport with team mates and customers seamlessly, developing respect internally and externally for the company.
3.In your opinion, what would be the main challenges in your role, if you take up this job?
I have been made understand before that the SAP system is in the process of implementation now. Since not everyone in the team is well verse in this system, training and development would be a major focus. I foresee my main challenge, as a certified SAP practitioner, to be leveraging the knowledge and make sure adequate support to the team members.
However, while this can be a challenge, I believe in a couple of months, we will start seeing the benefits of the implementation. The robustness of the SAP system is a major plus, which I believe can help the company streamlining and consolidating the business data with ease and convenience.
4.In this line of work, what makes a good superior?
In my opinion, in any line of work, we need an inspiring leader or superior. He or she may have different style of leading and giving instructions, but the important thing is he knows how to drive the subordinates to loving what they are doing, accomplishing all the tasks and deliver the job beyond the expectations. Winning teams in common have inspiring leaders.
5. What makes you choose finance/accounting?
I love numbers. Not only that, I am good in them. My academic results are proofs of my capability in this line. I know I can grow really big in this career.
6.What interests you about this position?
This is one step ahead of my current position. I have been working with the current company for five years now. With the amount of experience and exposure, I believe the time is right for me to make a move. In other words, I am prepared to take up a more leadership role.
7.It seems the finance team in your current organization is bigger than us. Why you choose this company?
First, I believe growth does not necessarily involve the size of a team or department. It’s about challenges and how you cope with them. Also, I have been following up closely with the development of this company and let me say that I never underestimate this company’s potential. What I have is admiration.
Even though it’s only been in this country for only about 5 years, its long time existence for over half a century deserves some respect. I know that this company can only grow in the right direction.
8.What are important criteria for your next job?
I consider myself someone who is not contented with only the routine work. I would like my potential to be challenged, fulfilled and realized. What important is, I get thrown with new challenges, and given a chance to prove what I can do best.
9.In finance/accounting, is professional qualification such as ACCA considered better than an MBA?
That depends on how we foresee ourselves to grow. Professional qualifications such as ACCA, CIMA is important to stamp ourselves as authority in the subject matter and will be even more important when we want to start our own accounting practice.
An MBA is on the other hand, prepares us for leadership position in major organizations and with the right recipe, one day, we can hold key position such as CEO or MD of public listed companies and may possibly make a lateral move from one industry to another.
10.How would you handle a new implemented finance/accounting system, of which you have no knowledge before?
There has to be a start to something new. To be honest, I am all excited to learn and acquire new skills and knowledge of any new accounting and finance system. The important thing is, I am given adequate time to adapt and learn.
I believe that these days, new system implementation comes with at least some basic training. This would be helpful, but with the right amount of time and space, I will be able to be competent and master this new system.

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