Thermodynamics Interview Questions :Mechaical interview

Thermodynamics Interview Questions Mechanical engineer
1)What are various thermodynamic systems and their basic definitions?
2)What is meant by the triple point of water?
3)Which Law of Thermodynamics is relevant when you inflate a tyre?
4)Explain a perfect gas and its properties?
5)Why don’t CI engines require spark plug?
6)What is an indicator diagram? What are its advantages? How is it different from a P-V diagram?
7)What is the difference between turbocharging and supercharging?
8)What is knocking, detonation and pre-ignition? What are the preventive methods?
9)New trends in IC engines, CDI,Ball piston, Cam less engines, GDI and VTEC
10)Explain super saturated flow in steam nozzles
11)What is reheat factor?
12)What is meant by a pulsed detonation engine?
13)Is turbocharging possible in a petrol engine? Why?
14)State Fourier’s laws of conduction in one dimension
15)Explain LMTD and NTU methods
16)Explain the concept of black body
17)Differentiate between parallel and counter flow exchangers

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