Project Management Testing Interview Questions

Project Management Testing Interview Questions
1)Tell me something about your previous job and organization?
2)Tell me some of the projects that you handled in the previous job?
3)How do you handle Stress in office?
4)Tell me some factors which motivates you?
5)What is MPMM?
6)How do you judge technical Skills of a tester/Developer?
7)How do you distribute task among the team members?
8)What are the features of project management tools?
9)As a project manager , how to add value to project?
10)What process will you follow for timely delivery of project?
11)What is importance of project planning?
12)How will you handle a less productive team member?
13)How to judge a project is successful?
14)What is project management methodology?
15)What tools and techniques you use in project management?
16)How to maintain quality in project with fast development?
17)How to implement Agile methodology in project?

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