Testplan Interview Questions and answers

Testplan Interview Questions and answers
1)List the key elements of Test Plan? (or) What test plan should contains?
The key elements for a test plan are:
1.The requirement documents based on which the plan is developed. Like BRD,FRD
2.Testing environment
3.Test data
2)What is test strategy?
1. It Describe How to Test
2. It Define the methodology quality analyst finalizes test Responsibility Matrix on the basis of testing policy and this is done by QA.
3)Define test Plan?
Test Lead or project lead develop test plan. this phase starts after the SRS and other business knowledge gathering. Test Plan describes what to test1.What is Scope of test
2.What is Approach to test.
3.What are the modules to test.
4)What is the difference between Master Test Plan and Test Plan?
Test Plan: Test plan we write for each module (Both for black box and white box testing).It contains test cases,strategy that is being used and any stubs that are involved to test that particular module.
Master Test Plan : The MTP is required in all projects. The MTP is applicable for all the projects. It have details about all modules testing , the time frame, the resource, hardware dependencies, and any training required. It also involves a block diagram showing how the testing takes place.
5)What are Standards for Software Test Plans?
There is number of standards for test plans, IEEE also defines the test plans.
IEEE standards for test plans:
829-1983 IEEE Standard for Software Test Documentation
1008-1987 IEEE Standard for Software Unit Testing
1012-1986 IEEE Standard for Software Verification & Validation Plans
1059-1993 IEEE Guide for Software Verification & Validation Plans

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