Drupal Interview Faqs part 2

Drupal Interview Faqs part 2
1.Explain Taxonomy in drupal?
2.How database system of drupal works?
3.Explain the path system of drupal?
4.Explain Region, Block, Menu in drupal?
5.How To Define New Regions in Drupal?
6.Explain the function and working of Dashboard module?
7.List the modules required for building a social networking website in Drupal?
8.List the SEO modules available in Drupal?
9.How to post videos from mobile to Drupal website?
10.List the features of Drupal?
11.How to port a joomla template to drupal?
12.Explain the capabilities of views module?
13.What are systems requirements for drupal installation?
14.What are the browser requirements for Drupal?
15.What is PDO?
16.How to enable clean urls in drupal?
17.Which are the core required modules in drupal 6.x ?
18.Is it possible to disable the core required modules through drupal admin?
19.Which are the core optional modules in drupal 6.x ?
20.What a module is in Drupal and what the process of writing one involves?
21.Drupal is flexible at handling events automatically and employing triggers. How do developers make use of these features?
22.The search features in Drupal are excellent, as compared to search in other content management systems. What makes these so good?

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