EDC Electronic Devices circuits Interview Questions

EDC Electronic Devices circuits Interview Questions
1)Obtain a square wave from sine wave from Zener diodes.
2)What is the difference between oscillator and multivibrator?
3)What is emitter follower? What is an opamp?
4)What is the ideal gain of an opamp?
5)How is amplification possible in a transistor?
6)Classify power amplifiers
7)How does a diode look(internally)? Explain the working using internal diagram
8)Explain processes taking place in the depletion junction of a forward biased diode
9)What is a buffer? What is the gain of a buffer?
10)What is an oscillator?
11)How do you forward bias a transistor?
12)What are the practical applications of a transistor?
13)What is reverse recovery time and how does it affect a diode?
14)Draw and explain the working of a monostable vibrator using op amp
15)State Thevenin’s theorem and Norton’s theorem. What are their applications?
16)What is the virtual ground in an op amp?
17)Differentiate between intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor

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