New QTP Interview Questions and Answers

New QTP Interview Questions and Answers
1)Tell me the features and importance of Quick test professional(QTP)?
1. Key word driven testing
2. Suitable to web applications
3. Vb script as the script language
4. Better error handling mechanism
5. Excellent data driven testing features
6. Record and playback
7. to store a values we can use runtime data table
8. Auto documentation
2)Can a QTP user can increase or decrease active screen information with the test?
Yes, user can store.
3)What are the limitations of QTP?
The limitations listed below are specifically for QTP 8.2:
Maximum length of name—255
Maximum length of format string—255
Maximum number of tables (workbooks)—Limited by system resources (windows and memory)
Column width—0 to 255 characters
Text length—16,383 characters
Formula length—1024 characters
Number precision—15 digits
Largest positive number—9.99999999999999E307
Largest negative number— -9.99999999999999E307
Smallest positive number—1E-307
Smallest negative number— -1E-307
Maximum number of names per workbook—Limited by available memory
Maximum worksheet size—65,536 rows by 256 columns
4)What are the QTP Script Coding Standards?
at the start In Header section of QTP you have to declare these items
***Header Section of the QTP you have to Mention*****
1.Name of the Script
2.Name of the Test case
3.Name of the Reusable scripts
4.Path of the Excel sheet
6.Name of the Tester
7.Change History
Then you have to follow Naming convention for each of the script that you will create in QTP.Like Y_TRA_AGIALANT_FINANCE_01
You have to follow coding standards for the variable that you will declare in the QTP script
Like For all the
Integer type variable the name should start with int
Character type variable the name should start with Char
Boolean type variable the name should start with Boo
String Type variable the name should start with Str
Then throughout the QTP script you have to mention that what you are doing actually. Like
**Here you have to mention in the script what you are doing ** Like
**Clicking the yahoo signin button to Login **********
Browswer(Yahoo page).Page(Yahoo_1).Button(Sign_in).Click
Coding standard are used for readability and better understanding.

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