Geotechnical Engineering Interview Questions : CivilEngineer

Geotechnical Engineering Interview Questions : CivilEngineer
1)What is geosynthetics? Mention its applications in civl engineering field
2)What do you understand by 80/100 bitumen?
3)Which is commonly used-bitumen or tar? Why?
4)What are the precautions to be taken for construction in marshy soil?
5)What is the relation between submerged unit weight and submerged weight?
6)What are the different types of foundations adopted for different soils?
7)What is differential settlement?
8)Discuss the importance of Attenbug’s limits in soil engineering
9)Differentiate between activity and sensitivity of soils
10)Differentiate between soil stabilization and ground improvement
11)How does machine foundation differ from an ordinary foundation?
12)What is the permanent solution applied for the restoration of leaning Tower of Pisa?

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