SBI Clerk interview Questions Asked

SBI Clerk interview Questions Asked
1)What is ATM ?
2)What are the functions of RBI?
3)Who will issue one rupee notes?
4)Who will issue currency notes?
5)what r the different types of shares?
6)what do u mean by CRR?
7)what is bank rate?
8)what do u mean by NPA????
9)What is micro finance ?
10)what is present share value of sbi?
11)What dou mean by Repo Rate ???
12)what is cost accounting ?
13)What are Accounting Concept?
14)What is Cost Accounting
15)what will u do if u have received a fake note from customer?
16)what is the difference between cheque and draft
17)what do you mean by Bank reconcilation statement
18)why should i select you?
19)what is relation between banks and stock market?

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