Flex Interview Questions

Flex Interview Questions
1.Is it possible to make httpService Requests synchronous?
2.I need to load an image from flickr into my application. Do I need a crossdomain.xml file on flickr?
3.What is the difference between httpService and Data Service?
4.How do you generate random numbers within a given limit with actionscript?
5.Have you built any components with actionscript? If so explain how you did it?
6.How do you implement push on a flex applications?
7.I am going to add images into a tag. How will it resize itself?
8.I am going to add images into a tag. How will it resize itself?
9.What is a resource Manager?
10.What are the similarities between java and flex?
11.Why is the dynamic keyword used for in flex?
12.How do you implement push with flex data services?
13.What are the methods called when a UI component is intialized?
14.Can you write to the file system from flex?
15.What is a drag manager?
16.How do you call javascript from Flex?
17.How do you use a repeater in flex?
18.What are three ways to skin a component in flex?
19.How do you use css styles in flex?
20.What is the difference between sealed class and dynamic classes?

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