XML Interview Questions

XML Interview Questions
1)Can I use XML namespaces in DTDs?
2)Define DTD (Document Type definition).
3)Describe about the syntax rules which form the XML documents?
4)Differences Between XML and xlink?
5)Explain about DOM interface?
6)Explain about XML Canonicalization?
7)Explain about XML data binding?
8)Explain about XML namespaces?
9)Explain about XML signature?
10)Explain about XQuery?
11)Explain about core validation?
12)Explain about the DTD features?
13)Explain about the techniques for processing XML files?
14)Give some examples of XML DTDs
15)Give the main reasons to use DTD?
16)Give us syntax rules of XQuery?
17)How can u create an XML file?
18)How do I configure an XPointer processor?
19)How do I implement an application-specific XPointer scheme?
20)How do I make a table which looks good on xlink and Prodigy?
21)How do I write my own DTD?

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