SCM Interview Questions

SCM(Supply chain Management) Interview Questions
1.What do you comprehend by Supply Chain Management
2.Explain extensive stock series era begun based on what i read in Business Planning to Sales and as well as procurement(for MTO and MTS environment).
3.What is Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) approach and how are the benefits of S&OP method ?
4.Explain requirement planning approach you experience handled or handling.
5.Explain Procure to Pay to Pay cycle?
6.How do you search engine a supplier
7.Explain the Vendor display process
8.What are the chances in procurement how do you minimise these kinds of risks
9.What is spend analysis and how do you use spend analysis to hurt the procurement levels and processing costs
10.What are the GL postings in procure to pay cycle?
11.What are the numerous sorts of matching this kind of as 2 way, 3 way or 4 way and why such are required?
12.Explain Sales condition to billing cycle?
13.What are the GL postings in transactions condition to billing cycle?
14.What are unique availability Valuations?
15.What are the weird Inventory analysis ? how do you do ABC, XYZ and FSN analysis?
16.What is the change between Physical supply and Cycle counting and that system is even greater ? and why?
17.What are the distinct kinds of MRP works (i.e. Regenerative, Net Change etc).
18.Explain Consumption established planning and Demand rooted planning, that is ideal and how?
19.How do you calculate safety inventory for consumption rooted planning ?
20.How do you guidelines the amenities of material that are remarkably rarely moving and unpredictable in demand? are protection items?
22.What is Bullwhip impacts in inventory Chain, how it instigates the give string and how may you impact it?
23.Explain Stock transfer months between two environment and how are the GL postings ?
24.What are able to be your sourcing strategy to buy low class items?
25.Explain Scrap Sales method and the GL postings within the process.
26.Explain SCOR and CFPR models
27.How ought to you review the supply performance ? What is Inventory Turn Over ratio and how might you recommend to substantiate it beneath a set of assumptions.
28.What is Bill Of material how guidelines it contains?
29.What is in-transit availability and how it is calculated, how do you monitor in-transit availability levels?
30.What are many kinds of contracts ( Blanket and Fixed) in procurement, that kind of contract if be expended in how conditions.
31.What the common terms and things in a agreement additonally signing it among a supplier?
32.How do you negotiate provided a supplier and how can be the negotiation points in negotiation process?
33.What are the GL postings in Stock revaluation and availability change transactions?
34.How do you manage inventory out situations?
35.What is Planning horizon and how performs it affects MRP and MPS run possible outcome ?
36.How do you fix the charge limits of the patrons (Distributors, Dealers)
37.Tell me a real estate deal when you negotiated among a vendor successfully.
38.How do you analyse Inventory Shrinkages?

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