Adobe - Written test pattern for Fresher

Adobe - Written test pattern for Fresher
Written rounds:

Round 1: Aptitude - trivially simple. Time could be a problem for junta not preparing for CAT. Fifteen questions in fifteen minutes.

Round 2:
Quant - this was even more trivial. Thirty questions in thirty minutes.

These two rounds were entirely objective, multiple-choice with no negative marking. We had to fill in an OMR sheet and very few of us had pencils and erasers with us - almost everybody had pens. That was bad as we couldn't change an option after marking it.

Round 3: Engineering. This included a lot of general stuff. Don't remember much about it. Thirty minutes. 15 marks

Round 4: Code. This was a real test. A lot of questions and quite a few that I hadn't seen before. We were supposed to write working C code in a limited time. 15 questions. 45 marks. It was like Neo fighting Smith in Matrix 3!

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