Asset Management Interview Questions

Asset Management Interview Questions
1.Q :"Tell me about yourself."
HINT:Talk about personal characteristics and skills that translate into career strengths.
A :"I love to jump into projects with both feet. I like sitting in front of a computer or at my desk for hours at a time thinking about a problem, plotting out the solution, making the presentation. Object-oriented technology [or any new technology] is my newest challenge."
2.Q:"What are your greatest strengths?"
HINT:Discuss specific assets the employer desires.
A : "Pleasant personality/politeness, loyalty, willingness to work hard, motivation, persistence, tenacity."
3.Q:"What are your weaknesses?"
HINT : There are a couple of approaches you can take with the "weakness" question. Whatever you do, do not mention any true weakness, such as, "I have a hard time getting to work on time." The ability to answer the question properly is half of what the manager is looking for. One strategy is to give a personal weakness that is considered a professional strength.
A : "I'm so compulsive about my work, that I can't stop until the job is perfect." Another approach is to turn the question into a discussion of your current professional goals. Example: "I plan to improve myself this year by taking a class in public speaking." Choose a peripheral weakness -- one that you may really need to work on, but not one that would disqualify you for the position in question.
4.Q:"Why do you want to work here at XYZ Company?"
HINT : Be very careful with this one. If you've researched this company then you can say something specific, like "object-oriented relational database technology really turns me on." Showing that you have done some research marks you as a self-starter with a solid grasp of the big picture.
A : "I've been following XYZ's growth and I want a company that I can grow with. Your company is solid and stable, with a growth rate of X percent last year and a great competitive position" Or, "I like a start-up environment where I can really make a difference."
5.Q:"What books and/or magazines do you read?"
HINT : Obviously, a technical or trade journal is one answer they are looking for. The books you've read tells the manager something about your personality.
A : Whatever you do, don't say, "I don't like to read."
6.Q:"What were your favorite subjects in school and why?"
HINT : Of course, if your major is Computer Science you want to mention some of your computer science classes. You might mention other related subjects. For example, if you're interviewing at a financial services firm, you might discuss why you liked your accounting or finance classes. If you did any unusual or special projects in that area, you would bring that up now. Mention anything that shows a keen interest this employer's particular kind of work.
If you are interviewing at a software or integration consulting firm, somewhere during the interview you would want to mention that you truly enjoy working with people. To illustrate this point, mention any volunteer work or part-time jobs you might have held anytime in your life that involved interacting with people. For example, "I volunteered at a homeless shelter during the holidays giving out food." This shows that you genuinely care about others and like giving back to the community, and that you would go out of your way for a boss or a coworker.
7.Q:"How do you let off steam after you've completed a tough project? What do you like to do in your spare time?"
HINT : Managers like well-rounded employees; your answer to this question illustrates some of your personal qualities. If you can mention pastimes that would be an asset to the job you are seeking, so much the better. For example, a bridge player must possess valuable analytical skills. Whatever your favorite hobby is, strong outside interests round out your character.
A : "For relaxation I like to read a mystery novel, go swimming, go skiing, make pottery . . ."

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