Siebel analytics and ETL

Siebel analytics and ETL
ETL stands for Extract, Transform, and Load.
ETL is a concept that enables businesses to consolidate their disparate data while moving it from OLTP to OLAP and it doesn’t really matter that that data sources are in different forms or formats. The data can come from any source such as Oracle, SQL server, flat files, CSV etc
One important function of ETL is “Cleansing” data. ETL consolidation protocols also include the elimination of duplicate or fragmentary data, so that what passes from the ‘E’ portion of the process to the ‘L’ portion is easier to assimilate and/or store.
Such cleansing operations can also include eliminating certain kinds of data from the process. If you don’t want to include certain information, you can customize your ETL to eliminate that kind of information from your transformation. The ‘T’ portion of the equation, of course, is the most powerful. ETL can transform data from different sources.
For Example: - Data in an Oracle CRM could be transformed right along with data from an SAP Marketing application, with the result being a common data from both the application.

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