Retail Finance Accountant Interview Questions

Retail Finance Accountant Interview Questions
1.What is the meaning of Processing Vendor/Employee payments?
2.What are the rules of Account ?
3.Which is Debit side and Which is Credit Side in Balance Sheet ?
4.What is 'Rights Issue' ?
5.What is Venture Capital ?
6.What is the Difference between govt ? company and public ltd ? company ?
7.What is Difference between venture capital financing and equity financing ?
8.What is the Income tax updated slab ?
9.What is standing order ?
10.What is forex management ?
11.whah is price earning formula ?
12.What is eps ?
13.who are bulls and bears investors ?
14.What is FDI ?
15.What are the nationalised banks ?
16.How to calculate basic in provident fund under salaries ?
17.What are the financial ratios that a manager see in accounting ?
18.Among financial and cost accounting,which is more important ? why ?
19.What is contingent liabilty, How it sHows in balance sheet ?
20.What is IPO ?
21.How many types of Audit ?
22.What is an asset, an expense, a liability, revenue and equity ?
23.What is thr Differences between sales & sales invoice ?
24.How much deduction want while salary paid ?
25.What is Letter of Credit ?
26.What is State Cheque ?
27.What is inventory ?
28.What is the mean of capital in account ?
29.What is excise return form ?
30.What is the Difference between equity shareholder and prefrence shareholder ?
31.What is delapidation ?
32.What is repo and revers repo ?why they need to use in stock market ?
33.What is reccission ?How it is started ?
34.What is current ratio formula ?
35.What is secondary market ?
36.wat is ledger posting ?
37.What is an acquisition ?What is merger ?
38.What is private equity ?
39.What is joint venture & venture capitaling ?
41.What is drawbacks of account ?
42.On What amount of sale Excise Duty levied ?
43.What is a Funds flow statement ?
44.Why is Income statement prepared ?
45.What is the full form of GAAP ?
46.What is the full form and the application of SAP ?
47.What is an ERP ?
48.What do you mean by the term Accounts Payables/ Receivables ?
49.Why do you prepare a Trial Balance ?
50.When will the cash Book have a Credit Balance ?

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