Windows Form Interview Questions

Windows Form Interview Questions
1.How can I run an EXE from within my application?
2.What are the common issues in redirecting assemblies using the publisher policy files?
3.How can I find all programs with a GUI (not just arbitrary windows) that are running on my local machine?
4.How can I get a list of all processes running on my system?
5.How can I make sure there is only one instance of my application running?
6.How do I determine which operating system is running?
7.How can I get all IP addresses for my local machine?
8.My user does not have .NET installed. Will he be able to run my Windows Forms application?
9.How do I get the path to my running EXE?
10.How can I programmatically obtain the name of the assembly that the code is executing in ?
11.How can I see what is installed in the Global Assembly on a machine?
12.How do I set the company name that is returned by System.Windows.Forms.Application.CompanyName?
13.How do you prevent serialization of certain child controls in your Composite Control?
14.How do I get hold of the currently focused Control?
15.Why do calling Focus() on a control not set focus on it?
16.How do I listen to windows messages in my Control?
17.How do I programatically change the color of a control?
18.How can I change the Border color of my control?
19.Why should I provide a Non-Client border to my Control derived class?
20.How do I provide a 2 pixel 3d border in the Non-Client area of my Control derived class?

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