Basic Performance Testing Interview Questions

Basic Performance Testing Interview Questions
Why there is a need of Performance or Load testing of an application:
*Does the application response time is adequate as expected by the intended users?
*How the application will handle the expected and unexpected user loads?
*How the application will handle the expected and unexpected transactions required by the business?
*To check the stability of application under heavy loads?
Difference between Functional Testing and Load Testing:
*Functional testing - to check the functionality – To check the functionality of business processes
*Load / Performance testing - to check Stability, Performance, Functionality under load. Examples:
o Will 1000 concurrent hits crash the server or application?
o Is response time is as per the specifications?
Performance Testing types:
*Component Testing - To find the performance of each component / tier.
*Load Testing - To find out whether the system can handle the expected load upon deployment in production environment.
*Stress Testing - It is performed to find the breaking point of the application. It is a type of testing that measures whether the application’s environment is properly configured to handle expected or unexpected high transaction volumes.
*Volume Testing - To check the stability of the system / application / server with under large amount of data over extended time periods.
benefits / Objectives of Performance Testing:
*To calculate the application Response Time.
*To access the stability of the application.
*To find out which configuration provides the best performance results.
*Capacity Planning – to identify degradation point in performance.
*Acceptance – To find out whether the system is acceptable under heavy volums, loads and stress
*Bottleneck Identification – To identify the bottlenecks in the application
*To identify best platform for the application.
Commonly used Load Testing Tools:
* LoadRunner – HP
* e-Load – Emprix
* Silk Performer – Borland
* QALoad – Compuware
* Rational Performance Tester – IBM Rational
* Web Load – Radview
* Neo Load – Neotys
* Open STA – It is an Open Source tool

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