Industrial Engineering Interview Question and Answers

Industrial Engineering Interview Question and Answers
What is Industrial engineering?Tell me about your subjects?
Industrial Engineering is concerned with the design of production systems. The Industrial Engineer analyzes and specifies integrated components of people, machines, and facilities to create efficient and effective systems that produce goods and services beneficial to mankind.
What is Production system?
Production system is a system in which there are some inputs and some transformation processes gives required output.
Why is Statistics Important in Industries?
It helps to knew problem and control good product and similar heart monitoring.
What is improving in Industrial engineering sense?
Improving is going through better work environment to reach higher productivity with better quality for the achievement of the scheduled plane. Improving is the elimination of Non-Value Added Tasks.
What is Productivity?
Productivity is a measure of how much input is required to produce a given output i.e. output/input is called productivity.

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