Work priority Technical skill Interview For Secretary

Secretary Interview Questions on Work priority and Technical skills
Work priority scheduling
1)How do you plan work priorities? Do you use a specific system and if so, explain?
2)When you have three or more important projects scheduled for the same day, do you have a system in place to decide which one needs to be finished first?
3)On what do you base your decision for the priority level of the work?
Technical Skill interview
1)Do you know how to use MS Excel?
2)Can you create a calendar of projects for each manager in Excel?
3)What have you done on Excel? What is most complicated thing you have done on Excel?
4)What kinds of word documents have you done?
5)What office equipment are you able to use? What software are you comfortable using?
6)What computer skills do you possess? What programs are you proficient in using? WORD? EXCEL? ACCESS? WORKS? OMNI FORM/FILLER?
7)Can you take dictation in shorthand? If not, how do you take notes that a supervisor wants converted to letter, form, etc.?
8)Can you use macros?
9)What is your typing speed?
10)What software are you comfortable using?

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