Environment Support By Loadrunner

Environment Support By Loadrunner
Here is the descriptions of main environments and platforms supported by HP LoadRunner:
* Application Deployment Solution: Citrix protocol
* Client – Server: MS SQL, ODBC, Oracle Web Applications 11i, DB2 CLI, Sybase Ctlib, Sybase Dblib, Windows Sockets, and DNS protocols
* Custom: C templates, Visual Basic templates, Java templates, Javascript and VBScript type scripts.
* Distributed Components: COM / DCOM, Corba – Java, and RMI – Java protocols.
* E-Business: FTP, LDAP, Palm, Web (HTTP / HTML), Web Services, and the dual Web / Winsocket protocols
* Enterprise Java Beans: EJB Testing and RMI – Java protocols
* ERP / CRM: Baan, Oracle NCA, Peoplesoft 8, Peoplesoft-Tuxedo, SAP-Web, SAPGUI, SAP GUI / SAP – Web dual and Siebel (Siebel – DB2 CLI, Siebel – MSSQL, Siebel – Web, and Siebel – Oracle) protocols
* Legacy: Terminal Emulation (RTE)
* Mailing Services: Internet Messaging (IMAP), MS Exchange (MAPI), SMTP and POP3
* Streaming: MediaPlayer and RealPlayer protocols
* Wireless: i-Mode, Voice XML, and WAP protocols
* Platforms: NT, 2000, XP, Sun, HP, IBM, Linux
Apart from these environments, LoadRunner also supports the following environments:
Adobe Action Message Format, Adobe Real-time Messaging Protocol, Adobe Flex 2 and Flex 3, Ajax, C Vuser, Citrix ICA and XenApp v4.5, DB2 CLI, Domain Name System, Enterprise JavaBeans, HP WinRunner software, HP QuickTest Professional software, Internet Message Access Protocol, Jacada, Java Vuser, Javascript Vuser, Java Message Service, Microsoft Windows Sockets, SQL Server Informix, MQSeries-Client, MQSeries-Server, Multimedia Messaging Service, Palm, Oracle, VB.NET Template, VBNet Vuser, Wireless Application Protocol etc.

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