Investment Manager Interview Questions

Investment Manager Interview Questions
Investment manager is a typical job the interview questions given below may not be as same but thease are just samples
Some typical sample examples May be like below:
1.Tell me about yourself.
2.Why do you want investment management?
3.What qualities make for a good analyst?
4.What skills can you offer as an analyst? Any industry-specific ones?
5.What industry do you want to cover? Any preference for value or growth?
6.How would you analyze the industry?
7.Pitch a stock to me.
This is the “Pitch Me a Stock” portion of the IM interview. BEFORE walking into an IM interview you should:
a)Choose at least 2 stocks to buy & 2 stocks to short
b)KNOW these companies
a.Major ratios
b.Comparable companies
c.The competitive landscape of the industry in which these stocks reside (basically a Porter’s 5 Forces exercise)
d.Build your own model, including income statement, balance sheet & cashflow statement. This will FORCE you to get to really know the company, its drivers, major assumptions and greatest risks.
e.Know the opinion of the stock on the Street and how your opinion either agrees or dissents with the consensus.
f.The effect of macroeconomic factors on the stock & its industry.
g.Major news events in the sector.
TIP:If you pick a well-known, widely covered stock it will certainly be one on which the interviewer has some sort of opinion even if he/her does not cover the stock. While this will certainly allow for a fluid discussion, it will ensure that you have to be CONFIDENT in your knowledge of the stock. Picking an obscure stock is a way for you to show your explanatory powers and lessen the chances that the interviewer knows everything there is to know about that stock. However, this might also work against you as the interviewer might lose interest in the story.
REMEMBER: They are attempting to assess:
(1)How much you prepared for the interview.
(2)If you can think quickly on your feet.
(3)If you can communicate well and take criticism.
8.How did you arrive at your target price?
9.What is your investment philosophy?
10.Do you own/have you owned any stocks? Tell me about them. Why did you buy/sell them?
11.Did you pitch a stock to the IMC fund members? What was the outcome?
12.Why do you want to work for us?
13.Why do you want to live in the (firm’s location) area? What ties to you have to the area?
14.What other firms are you looking at?
15.Where do you think the market is going? Why?

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