Sap FICO Interview Questions Part 1

Sap FICO Interview Questions
1.How to close last financial year and open new financial year for ASSET ACCOUNTING?
2.How to connect client server in sap?
3.How solve ni tickets in sap fico?
4.Whats DME? where it comes ? and What is the use f it in SAP?
5.What F.13 represents? and How we utilize in SAP?
6.How many years we can open at a time in asset a/c?
7.What is account assignment in MM?
8.What is invoice tolerance ? and What is T?coDe?
10.What is Different between the SAP Version 4?7 and ECC 6?
11.What is the alternative g/l accounts?
12.How to upload asset balances in the middle of the year from legacy to SAP?
13.How many ways we have" view of G/L " a/cs and What r they?
14.How to do advance payment through APP?
15.Where we give advance payment inDicator(Spl G/LWhat is in petty cash book?
16.What is the meaning of "zzzzzzzzz" in open & close posting period?
17.What is SAP Product Life Cycle(PLCWhat is ?
18.Why it is not able to post to a customer a/c in a previously closed'period'?
19.What is unit testing?What are the structures in unit testing?
20.How to block the vendor in APP area?
21.What is cutover data and when will you upload to production client? whether before go live or after go live?
22.What is park document in sap ?
23.How can we convert VAT Return Filing in SAP?
24.How can we configure Form "C" report in SAP ?
25.What is park document in sap ?
26.What are the steps to follow for customising Bank Charges??
27.What are the 3 gaps that you must have faced during implementation?
28.What are the 3 errors that you must have faced during Support?
29.What is Difference between primary Distribution and secondry Distribution of cost in a cost centre ?
30.What is the entry date ,document date, posting date, value date, and next run date ?
32.What iss document spliting?
33.Differnce between the 4.7& 6.0?
34.How to caluculate income tax Depriciation and Depriciation ? What does the acts?
35.What purpose to maintain the Ranking OrDer ?
36.How the payment pick the particular Ranking OrDer while using the mulitiple Ranking OrDers ??
37.Is it possible to assign a auto cost center to a plant?
38.What are closing operations?
39.How do we create tasks? What is the Difference between task and change request?
40.What are the critical scenarios in production support?
41.What is business process?
42.How do we create alert messages?
43.What are the tables will Deal a sap fico consultant?
44.How can we implement sap project from Different places?
45.What are the interaction with abaper in project especially for screens, conDitions and cutover plan?
46.What is our interaction with other consultants (FICO, ABAP, MM, and SDWhat is in the project?
47.What is our role in production support and post implementation support as a fico consultant?
48.How many types of land scapes are there and tell me the land scape which is often used by the companies?
49.What is meant by Co.coDe and controlling area?How are they related?
50.What is the Exact meaning of the Tolerance group for G/L Account, Customers and Vendors????
51.How to Verify Depreciation Balances with GL balances ?
52.How to do dunning for vendor?
53.What are the purposses of dunning for vendors?
54.What is meant by payment advice, in terms of automatic payment program?
55.How is bank reconciliation handled in SAP?
56.What is the Difference between COA and COA segment ?
57.What is the Difference between company coDe and company coDe segment ?
58.What do you mean by Purchase Price varience, What is its impact, How is this cleared?
59.How is bank reconciliation handled in SAP?
60.What is the Difference between SAP R/3 version 4.6C, 4.7 and ECC 5.0?
61.Differences between company coDe and company ?
62.What is business area and PCA?
63.What is Retained earnings Account ?
64.What is Account group functionality?
65.What is field status variant 6What is fiscal year variant Vs posting period variant?
66.What is withholDing taxes 8What is tax on sales and purchases?
67.What is use tax?
68.What is Vat jurisDiction coDe?
69.What is external number range and internal number range ?
70.What is FI organizational structure?
71.What is CO organizational structure?
72.What is FI tables?
73.What is CO tables and CO-PA tables?
74.What is APP configuration steps?
75.What is importance of next posting date in APP run?
76.What is Dunning configuration ?
77.What is Dunning run steps SAP FICO Interview Questions ?
78.What is check printing program?
79.What is Void and reprint checks ?
80.What is pre numbered checks?
81.What is House banks?
82.What is if vendor is a customer?
83.What is dunning area?
84.What is dunning key?
85.What is dunning block?
86.What is payment block?
87.What is Journal entries in SD integrations ?
88.What is Journal entries Billing and PGI?
89.What is Journal entries in FI-MM integrations ?
90.What is Journal entries for goods issue, scraping and goods issued to production?
91.What is valuation class ?
92.What is validations and substitutions ?
93.What is valuation area?
94.What is valuation moDification?
95.What is general moDification ?
96.What is Material master views ?
97.What is FS00 all tabs ?
98.What is Vendor and customer master creation?
99.What is ASAP methodology SAP FICO Interview Questions ?
100.What is All five phases in ASAP methodology ?
101.What is testing process 48What is documentation?
102.What is functional specs ?
103.What is user exits?
104.What is customer exits?
105.What is enhancements ?
106.What is tables view?
107.What is work bench request and customizing requests?
108.What is SM35 and SE38 screens?
109.What is DeV, testing and PRD clients 57What is Tickets / messages ?
110.What is problems faced in implementation and support?
111.What is client, cross client, transport of configuration ?
112.What is LSMW?
113.What is BDC?

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