Sap FICO Interview Questions Part 2

Sap FICO Interview Questions
114.What is Debugging a program?
115.What is Special GL accounts, Special GL Transactions, Alternative GL accounts?
116.What is Down payment Request, Down payments?
117.What is Noted items?
118.What is Parking a document and holDing a document ?
119.What is sample document and recurring document SAP FICO Interview Questions ?
120.What is BRS?
121.What is Clearing accounts ?
122.What is Open item management ?
123.What is line item Display?
124.What is bank sub accounts ?
125.What is payment terms ?
126.What is controlling area?
127.What is a version SAP ?
128.What is link between FI and CO ?
129.What is assessment and Distributions ?
130.What is allocation structure?
131.What is What is cost center ?
132.What is What is a profit center?
133.What is Profit center configuration steps ?
134.What is Report painter ?
135.What is Report ?
136.What is Report groups ?
137.What is Report library?
138.What is Statistical and Real postings ?
139.What is Standard hierarchy and alternative hierarchy?
140.What is Transferring data to SD to COPA configurations?
141.What is CO-PA configuration all steps ?
142.What is Month end closing SAP FICO Interview Questions ?
143.What is year end closing?
144.What is Go-Live activities ?
145.What is Lock Box concept ?
146.What is cross company coDe transactions?
147.What is settlements in co ?
148.What is Difference between cost centers and internal orDers ?
149.What is Reconciliation Accounts ?
150.What is ExtenDed With HolDing Taxes configuration steps – right from creation of WH Tax Types, CoDes to Annual Return?
151.What is What is chart of account and How many charts of accounts can be assigned to a company ?
152.What is What is residual payment and part payment?
153.What is procurement cycle in MM ?
154.What is goods movement ?
155.What is What is GR/IR? What journal entries ?
156.What is Primary cost elements and secondary cost elements ?
157.What is How to configure FI and CO reconciliation account ?
158.What is Steps for electronic bank reconciliation statement ?
159.What is the architectural diagram of SAP FICO?
160.What does line means?
161.What is Planning in G/L?
162.What is auto supplement posting in G/L?
163.What is Auto debit in G/L?
164.What is Group Currency and Hard Currency?
165.Difference between controlling area currency & company code currency?
166.Where do we link country specific chart of account ?
167.What is meant by procurement cycle?
168.What do you mean by variant principal?
169.What is difference between TAXINJ and TAXINN?
170.What is the purpose of 0 (zero)tax code?
171.What is the treatment of 'Gain/Loss on FG' in cost centre accounting?
173.What is the business process?
174.What u configure in accounts reeivable module?
175.What do you mean by Goods Clearing ? What are the journal entries for Clearing of Goods ?
176.What is CO-PA Transfer of Incoming Sales OrDers ?
177.What is Report Painter, How to reverse +/- signs ?
178.What is the relationship between Report Groups and the report groups ?
179.Where we have to define VAT Registration Number?
180.What is the importence of secondary cost element in controling?
181.What is SAP standard organisation structure?
182.What is the T Code for Uploading the Bulk Vendor master data ?
183.How dunning procedure will updated in Customer Master?
184.What are the steps for configuring lockboxes?
185.How do you generate reports in treasury? What format are they generated in?
186.What are the steps for creation of New Movement types and specific requirements for GL and codes from a unique company code?
187.What if RFEBCK00? What are its advantages?
188.What is new GL? What are the steps for configuring New GL? How is it different from its older counterpart? What are the advantages of having new GL?
189.What is a process pricing report?
190.How do you configure reason codes for residual payments?
191.How do you define and assign substitution rules for CRM processes?
192.How do you perform currency swaps in Funds management. Explain the whole process with configuration in detail?
193.How would you deal with underpayments from customers in FSCM?
194.How do you upload FI transactional data for correcting business area postings?
195.What is a *returned bill of exchange payable*?
196.How do you configure credit card payment processes
197.What is a Bill of Exchange? Why is it used?
198.What are the tools used for performing cash and liquidity forecasts? What are the T codes used?
199.What are Data Medium Exchanges for making payments? What are its advantages? How do you configure them?
200.What is High value sale?
201.What are electronic bank statements?
202.what is meant by Standard hierarchy and alternative hierarchy in sap fico?
203.What are financial versions?
204.when asset settlement through cost center is raised?
205.what is the process of app for customer?
206.what is asset accounting?
207.What is CO-PA
208.What z the process of cancellation of issued cheque?
209.What is a depericiation Key?
210.What is production support procedure?
211.What is the maximum permissible exchange deviation in your project?
212.What is Regression Testing?
213.What is the difference between House Bank and Bank Account.
214.What is ment by ZERO INVOICES
215.What is Realization Phase in SAP ?
216.What is Organisatinal Unit of FI ?
217.What is implementation and configuration ?
218.what is a Functional Spec?What updates do SAP FICO consultant do in Functional Spec?
219.What is the Configure of COPA?
220.what is the Ageing analysis?what is the purpose?
221.What is Trading Partner?
222.What is the Pre-mapping and Matching?
223.what is your SLA?
224.what is client number?
225.what are kinds of projects?
226.what's new in ECC6 in sap fi/co?
227.what is the difference between validations and substution?
228.What's the diff. between Operating Concern & Controlling Area and their roll.
229.What is meant by Document Splitting in SAP
230.what is holding a document?
231.what is cash journal?
232.what is a standard cost? and what is a target cost?
233.What is Withholding Tax and Extended with holding TAx?
234.What is a Sort key?
236.Explain the difference between Country chart of accounts nd group chart of accounts
237.What is Down Payment?
238.What is AS-IS study & TO-BE Process?
239.what is the document split and what its important?
240.what is a cenvat? to configure automatic payment program
242.what is the data associated while uploding data using lsmw?
243.What is meant by Out Put Control?
244.Define Statistical Key Figure?
245.what is activity type?
246.what are the components of enterprise structure/
247.what is dummy cost center?
248.difference b/w profit center & profitability analysis?
249.what is High value sale?
250.What is Born in sale?
251.What is USGAAP?
252.What is the main control parameter for settlement?
253.What is the purpose of version?
254.What is accrual calculation?
255.How are revenues dealt with cost center accounting?
256.How due date of a document is calculated?
257.What is GR/IR account?
258.What is dunning? What is dunning level..? How many dunning levels can be configured?
259.What is asset class? What are depreciation areas?
260.How do you reverse cleared documents?
261.What are the segments of GL master record?

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