Deshaw Interview Questions at Hyderabad

Deshaw Interview Questions at Hyderabad
1.What is clustered index?
2.What is non clustered index?
3.What is multi level indexing in database and what is it’s use?
4.How the relational tables are stored in the system?
5.What are the protocols u know in DLL?
6.Given 8 processors and 16 blocks of 16 mb memory then propose an architecture in which u connect them so that each processor gets TO access of minimum 16 mb memory and maximum work load is distributed?
7.A small puzzle? There are two persons and one has to send a briefcase of documents safely to other and we have one locker and key with each one. We can’t trust the person who is carrying the briefcase..this is a famous big riddle puzzle
8.What is b+ tree indexing on database?
9.What happens in b+ tree when I execute the query “insert into …”
10.Why b+ tree is preferred over other data structures?
11.Given a binary tree in which we have father/ parent field in every node We are given just pointers to two leaf nodes then find the common ancestor of those node
11.How do u allocate memory to two dimensional array using malloc?
12.How do u allocate memory to a relational table in disk when it is created?
13.He asked me some tricky question regarding something in os but I figured it out that we can get rid of that problem using virtual memory
14.Give me some examples of error correcting codes?
15.What are recoverable schedules and cascading roll back? (this is in transaction processing of databse)
Round 2
1.U are given an ascii file of 1 gb consisting of ascii codes..suggest an efficient algorithm to count the number of 1’s present in the binary representation of ascii file ?
2.Will u modify your algorithm if that would have been a file consisting of list of integers?
3.How do u think Google earns money?
4.How do u think Google search works?
If this works this way, do u think other search engines don’t work this way ? Then how google is different from other search engines?
5.What are the different kinds of CPUS?
6.Given aa-bb-cc where aa,bb,cc are some numbers .find write a c code to figure out which format of the date it represents and it should cover all possible cases?
7.What is theory of relativity?
8.What are the different kinds of file systems u know and how they are different?
9.In Unix we know the way file permissions are given but how to do this?
i just want to give written permission to a user “vinay” of a particular group and no other member of that group should have this permission ??
10.What is the input voltage to the mother-board of the CPU?
11.On which port SSL runs?
12.What is c-panel? What are the settings we need to do in it?
13.What is the packet delay time to Google server?
14.I if I have a small chip with me and if I insert into Intel processor’s deck ..can I install windows in it if yes how ? If not what about Unix?
15.Windows mobile is also having small chip in it how is it able to run windows os in it?
16.How to change file permissions in windows?
17.How files are stored on disk? (Not disk management)?
18.What are the ways to send raw bits in physical layer from source to destination?
19.How CPUS are different from GPUS? And can we run an OS on GPU if yes why? if not why?
20.He asked me a typical question regarding how are we able to access mail on other system though it is addressed to your machine because DNS can’t direct the mail to the PC where u are sitting?
21.What are the IC’s on which u have worked in DEL lab?

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