Servlet interview questions

Servlet interview questions
1.What are Servlets?
2.What are advantages of servlets over CGI?
3.Can you explain Servlet life cycle?
4.What are the two important API’s in for Servlets?
5.Can you explain in detail “javax.servlet” package?
6.What’s the use of ServletContext?
7.How do we define an application level scope for servlet?
8.What’s the difference between GenericServlet and HttpServlet?
9.Can you explain in detail javax.servlet.http package?
10.What’s the architecture of a Servlet package?
11.Why is HTTP protocol called as a stateless protocol?
12.What are the different ways we can maintain state between requests?
13.What is URL rewriting?
14.What are cookies?
15.What are sessions in Servlets?
16.What’s the difference between getSession(true) and getSession(false) ?
17.What’s the difference between “doPost” and “doGet” methods?
18.Which are the different ways you can communicate between servlets?
19.What is functionality of “RequestDispatcher” object?
20.How do we share data using “getServletContext ()”?
21.Explain the concept of SSI?
22.What are filters in JAVA?
23.Can you explain in short how do you go about implementing filters using Apache Tomcat?
24.what’s the difference between Authentication and authorization?

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