Teradata C Interview Questions

Teradata C Interview Questions
1.What is select?
2.What is poll?
3.How do you create thread?
4.Which library you link with when you use pthreads?
5.How do you create process?
6.How many times fork() returns? What are the values?
7.What is the difference between fork() and exec() system calls?
10.Do you know readers writer problem?
11.Take a data structure and synchronization mechanism and solve (write code for) the readers writer (in fact they asked for multiple writers)?
12.Why did you use while instead of if when checking for the full/empty condition (in solution to the readers writer problem)?
13.What are the differences between a process and a thread?
14.What are the things that thread doesn’t share with process?
15.Why there is separate stack for each thread?
16.What is fopen?
17.What is the difference between fopen and open?
18.What is the difference between high level functions and low level functions?
19.What open returns?
20.Descriptors returns by the open will be in sequence? Justify?
21.Why open doesn’t return 0 or 1 or 2?
22.How do you find size of a file?
23.What is fstat?
24.What are different options available with cc
25.What an output files contains?

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