Administrator for Health care Industry Interview

Administrator for Health care Industry Interview
1. How many years of experience do you have in Health Administration field? Tell us something about your health care background?
2. How are you expecting your interview going to be? What are your academic qualifications?
3. When will you join, if you are selected?
4. For how many hospitals have you worked with? Mention the names, if any? Tell us something about your experience with your previous health organizations?
5. Do you know about our health association? Are you aware about rules and policies?
6. Give us a brief introduction about responsible tasks you have performed till date? Mention memorable tasks which have inspired you the most?
7. Describe the role of floor cleaner in a hospital? What course of action you will take, if all cleaners go on strike?
8. Which vital information is the requirement of staff to survive in a hospital?
9. Which is more important for hospital; doctors or administration department?
10. If you need certain information from a senior doctor, which chain you will follow to communicate?

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