Facebook Interview Questions for Software Engineer

Facebook Interview Questions for Software Engineer
1)Write a Program to compute squareroot of number?
2)Shuffle an array of size n such that each element has 1/n probability to remain in its original spot. The best solution has O(n) complexity?
3)Write a sql to find all the duplicate email address in a table which contains only one column "email"?
4)Write a Program to reverse each word in a string?
5)Write a program to evaluate a simple mathematical expression like 4 + 2*a/b - 3?
6)Write a Program to rotate a matrix by 90 degrees?
7)Write a program to revese a linklist?
8)What is the difference between Statically and Dynamically typed Language?
9)Tell me a Problem you faced while implementing a algorithm and how did you solve it?Show it pictoriallly?
10)Write a Program that removes duplicate characters in a String?
11)Write code for finding length of largest monotonically increasing sequence in an array of integers.
Optimize it (not the usual O(n) in worst case, but a better approach in average case)?

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