Erwin datamodeling tool Basics

Erwin datamodeling tool Basics
All Fusion Erwin Data Modeler commonly known as Erwin, is a powerful and leading data modeling tool from Computer Associates. Computer Associates delivers several softwares for enterprise management, storage management solutions, security solutions, application life cycle management, data management and business intelligence.
Erwin makes database creation very simple by generating the DDL(sql) scripts from a data model by using its Forward Engineering technique or Erwin can be used to create data models from the existing database by using its Reverse Engineering technique.
Erwin workplace consists of the following main areas:
1) Logical: In this view, data model represents business requirements like entities, attributes etc.
2) Physical: In this view, data model represents physical structures like tables, columns, datatypes etc.
3)Modelmart: Many users can work with a same data model concurrently.
What can be done with Erwin?
* Logical, Physical and dimensional data models can be created.
* Data Models can be created from existing systems(rdbms, dbms, files etc.).
* Different versions of a data model can be compared.
* Data model and database can be compared.
* SQl scripts can be generated to create databases from data model.
* Reports can be generated in different file formats like .html, .rtf, and .txt.
* Data models can be opened and saved in several different file types like .er1, .ert, .bpx, .xml, .ers, .sql, .cmt, .df, .dbf, and .mdb files.
 By using ModelMart, concurrent users can work on the same data model.
In order to create data models in Erwin, you need to have this All Fusion Erwin Data Modeler installed in your system. If you have installed Modelmart, then more than one user can work on the same model.

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