Health Care or Doctor Assist Interview Questions

Health Care or Doctor Assist Interview Questions
1. What do you know about heath care? How long have you been into this field?
2. In this field, lot of patience is required to deal with patients. Do you think you can handle violent patients during their treatment?
3. How many languages can you read, write and speak? Our hospital prefers to treat patients and guardians in their local language only, if they are not familiar with English?
4. Before starting treatment, how will you introduce yourself to the patient?
5. Which initial medications will you suggest before the treatment?
6. Which vital factors you will find in patients’ history file? Why you need these factors?
7. Discuss if you have gone through some critical operation, where you have lost a patient in operation theatre?
8. Which pain killers do you suggests for severe pain?
9. What initial tests should be conducted before operating any patient?
10. Why should blood pressure be checked every day?
11. Do you have any questions regarding job profile and hospital timings?

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