Cognos Interview Questions,Faqs

Cognos Interview Questions,Faqs
1)Can we create reports using OLTP database? How?
2)What is power prompts? Can somebody explain me.
3)How can we convert imr report into Impromptu web report?
4)Can we create a cube in a Transformer from multiple IQD’s ?if so, how? Also , explain some of the best practices used ,while creating a cube in power play transformer?
5)How to schedule the report in Cognos? And i have 2 users u1,u2.
6)How to schedule the report for these 2 users(the 2 users will get result once for a week) but u1 get the result on every Monday to his inbox, and u2 get the result on every Wednesday to his inbox.?
7)How to upgrade drivers in Cognos 8?
8)What is the difference between cognos 8.2 and cognos 8.3?
9)How will you migrate your reports to QA environment?
10)What are the joins present in reportnet? which is most widely used?
11)How security is concerned with Reportnet? Explain its implementing steps.
12)In an existing Framework model, how will you add a new column to the existing table?
13)Report studio has two SQL tabs one native SQL and another one cognos SQL which one is get more preference? which one we need to consider?
14)For example I developed some reports on employee package now I have to develop same reports to another package.
15)How can I change reports to another package?
16)How can we publish package to QA environment not cognos connection?(if we have two URL one cognos connection and qa environment how can we publish package to QA?
17)Fiscal year means what?
18)How you create security to reports ?
19)How you create security to cubes ?
20)What are the applications of the tabular model ?
21)In reportnet how u burst the reports for every 5th day, 10 th day, 15 th day, 20 th day
22)What is the automation tool used for data warehouse testing?
23)What r the names of the reports that u prepared?
24)At what level u prepared the reports in cognos? in dataware housing what is the automation tool u r using?
25)Suppose if u burst the reports if ur reports not reached to the destination how u will identify that one?
26)What is meant by roll up and roll back in dataware housing?
27)What r the migration tools available in the market with respect to cognos such as impromptu
28)Reports are migrated to cognos reportnet?
29)What is logs in cognos ?
30)What is report burn and where it occurs?

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