Apple Company Interview Questions for Software Engineer

Apple Company Interview Questions for Software Engineer
1)What is a Deadlock, can you give some examples of real world scenarios where deadlock happens ?
2)I am trying to merge into a freeway which is completely backed up and cars are moving very slow, is this a deadlock ? If you had to assign a computer science term to this scenarios what would be the closest thing that comes to your mind ?
3)Write a Java program (which uses no external storage) that prints "Register Now !" for the first 30 days of its use. After the 30th day it should print "Free Trial Expired!"?
4)What is the main reason for using pass by reference over pass by pointer?
5)How do you detect a deadlock?
6)If a browser is crashed how do you debug?
7)How tcp and udp protocols work? and how they together react?
8)Write atoi Program?
9)How to make Multicasting reliable?
10)How to know weather linked list is circular or not?
11)Difference between C++ array and STL Array?
12)Write some test cases for Iphone browser?
13)Given an array of integers, write a function to find the 2nd max value. Write test cases?
14)How would you traverse a linked list with complexity O(n^0.5)?
15)Write a program to convert hexa decimal number to integer value?
16)Tell me a bout Garbage collecter?Explain Mark &Sweep Algorithm?

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