BDC Share point interview questions and answers

BDC Share point interview questions and answers
Q. What is Business Data Catalog or BDC ?
Ans. It is a shared service that enables Office SharePoint Server 2007 to surface business data from back-end server applications. Business Data Catalog or BDC provides built-in support for displaying data from databases and Web services. That is, you can use Business Data Catalog to display data from your SAP, Siebel, or other line-of-business (LOB) application via Web services or databases.
Q. Can you write back data to the BDC Source(External database).
Ans. Even though the BDC made it relatively easy to create read-only solutions that display data in the Business Data List Web Part, it was not so simple to create a solution that enabled users to make changes and write that data back to the external store.
Q. How do you create a BDC File ?
Ans. Various tools are available in the market to create application definition files which are responsible for establishing BDC connections.
Some of the Tools are :
BDC Meta Man - Its has a Intuitive drag and drop user interface, that allows the easy configuration of your data source ready for SharePoint. BDC Meta Man not only generates the application definition files to allow the viewing of your data, it also generates web parts to allow you to add and edit data back to your data source. It is used to develop a fully integrated read/write SharePoint application.

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