Cisco Interview for Freshers Questions

Cisco Interview for Freshers Questions
Cisco 1st Round
1. Is windows/linux is preemptive or not(kernel).
2. Is the sheduler is a process or not.
3.What is the meaning of enabling kerenel level threading
4. What do you mean by allowing kernel preemption
5.What is the meaning of 8/16/32 bit operationg system
6. How interrupts will be handled in operating system
7.Why swapspace is required in operating system come a swapspace accessing is faster than normal secondary memory access though swapspace is a part of secondary memory.
9.What is the concept of micro kernel architecture
10.Is windows/linux is micro kernel architecture
11.Difference btw multi programming and multi processing
12.What is symmetric and asymmetric multi processing
12.Tell about IRQ's
12.How the devices are managed if more devices are available than IRQ lines
12.How the devices associated with a single IRQ line are managed.
13.How the operating system finds out which device has generated the interrupt in a single IRQ
14.Which ISR is serviced if we get an interrupt from an IRQ connected to more than one device.
13.write an inplace strrev routine
14.Why pointer manipulations are faster sum(int a,int b)
int s;
s = a + b;
return s;
convert this function to a macro......
16.Finding unduplicated element in a list of n elements where n-1 elements are duplicated.
17.Finding the no. of 1's in a binary representation of a number.
18.Two linked lists are given, if the two lists are merging at one point and becoming a single list from that point find out point of merging in linear time.
19.What is the difference btw char *s="iitg"
char s[]="iitg"
like compiler error or runtime error if we try to change the value of that s array
20.Basics in networks
like OSI layers and TCP layers
21.difference between Hub and switch and which layer each one belongs to
22.Is it possible to broadcast using a switch.
23.which is more suitable for broadcasting either a hub or a switch
24.What is class D addressing
25.How a DLL device(switch) knows about multicast addresses.
26.What is the difference between a router and gateway
27.What is the function of Multiport router
28.About Adhoc routing protocols
2 nd round(Team Lead interview)
1.Explain u r project work
2.Explain the routines that executes whenever the system boots up like ROM BIOS routines
3.What is the meaning of Partitioning and formating a disc
4.Is a system can have more than one primary partition
5.If linux and windows coexist which one lies on primary partition of the disk.
6.Which process executes first when os bootsup
7.What is master boot record
8.what is a super block
9.Which layer of networks u r most comfortable with (I told except physical layer I am comfortable with all other layers, then he started asking questions only on physical layer, though, I have answered well)
10.Tell about the significance of physical layer in networks
11.why fiber optics data rate is very high
12.What are advantages of fiber optics over normal copper or co-axial cables
13.Why cross talk and attenuation is insignificant in fiber cables
14. what is total internal reflection in fiber cables
15.what is single mode and multi modes in iptical fibers
16.Did u ever installed two windows versions on the same logical drive
17. Some questions on project
3 rd round(HR just for the formality)
1.Tell about u r self
2.Tell about any extra curricular activities and any significant work u have done in the past 2 years
3.Will u leave CISCO if some other company pays u high package
4.How can we believe in u r loyality towards the company
5.Any questions

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