Automobile Welding Interview Questions

Automobile Welding Interview Questions
1.Tungsten Inert Gas welding and Megnesium Inert Gas welding is used for which material welding and what are their advantages?
2.What is annealing, normalizing, carburizing w.r.t iron carbon equilibirium and also mention its temperature ranges?
3.What is the difference between Production and Manufacturing?
4.What is fixed gear?
5.Under which mechanism does Hover Craft work?
6.Explain What is Resilience?
7.What the difference between a pipe and a tube?
8.What is the function of jokey pump?
9.Which is the hardest material in the earth?
10.What are types of principal stresses?
11.What are the different types of biaxial & triaxial stresses?
12.How can mechanical engineering change lives of other people?
13.When/How you are using the heat measuring instrument?
14.Which is the toughest welding project in which you have taken part?
15.Why are you so confident about this job?
16.Are you confident about the job that you will be selected?
17.Have you ever been engaged in welding?
18.Name one flame which is used for welding?

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