Biztalk Server Interview Questions

Biztalk Server Interview Questions
# How do you call a Non-Serializable .Net helper class inside an Expression Shape?
#What is BizTalk?
#How do you use Auto Mapping in the BizTalk 2004 mapper?
#What if the class is Serializable?
#What does the Value Mapping Functoid do?
#What is the default mapping for Auto Mapping?
#What is a Message Type (i.e. BTS.MessageType) and how is it used in BizTalk?
#Can an Envelope schema consist of more than one schema type?
#What is the difference between a Document Schema and a Property Schema?
#Enumerate the new functoids added BizTalk 2006?
#Does BizTalk 2004/2006 support Synchronous communication?
#How does one enable subscriptions in BizTalk?
# What is the difference between static, dynamic and direct binding?
# What are un-typed messages, how does one create them?
# In Biztalk, what does a message type consist of?
# In which scenarios would use a "promoted property" vs "distinguished fields"?
# What is property promotion, why is it required?
# Can multiple messages be processed or batched without an envelope schema?
# Can a flat file message be processing without a pipeline?
When installing Biztalk in a multi-server configuration with a remote SQL and Analysis Services, what SQL components do you need on the Biztalk Server?
What is the main difference between a Long-Running transaction and an Atomic Transaction in BizTalk context?
#Does BizTalk automatically compensate a unsuccessful transaction?
#Is it possible to share variables across two branches in a Parallel shape
#How does one enable Correlations in BizTalk?
#Is it possible to have a exception block for an Atomic scope? if not why?
#What is the difference between an Exception block and a Compensation block? is it the equivalent of try-catch-finally?
#When do we need set the property "Synchronized" = true for a scope?
#Is it necessary for all .NET components being called from an Orchestration be Serializable?
#Can an orchestration Start without an Activatable receive?
#What is the purpose of the property "Activate" in a Receive shape?
#Does BizTalk Orchestrations support recursion?
#What is the difference between a "Message Assignment" shape and an "Expression" shape?
#When you use Call Orchestration shape vs Start Orchestration shape?
#What is the difference between a delay shape vs a listen shape?
#How do you prevent occuring of zombies in a Parallel Convoy?
#Enumerate the steps required to deploy an BizTalk solution from one machine to another machine.
#List out the three important things to consider while designing a BizTalk orchestration!
#In an Orchestration design, Orchestration "A" calls another Orchestration "B", and vice versa. Is it possible to implement this design?
#Can we get messages to Orchestration without using schema?
#How to version your schema?
#How to transfer files without using Orchestration?
#What is Message routing and Content routing?
#What are Host and Host Instance? Did you deploy BizTalk more than one machine?
#On which level you have worked in BizTalk development 1-Orchestration, 2-Ports & Adapters?
#How and why you have to use Active Directory in BizTalk development?
#How did you connect InfoPath with WebServices?
#In BizTalk development where and how you have to use custom developed .NET components?
#Where and how did you use WebServices in Orchestration?
#What is difference between Promoted property and distinguished property?
#How to use custom developed adapters?
#What is convoy and correlation sets?
#How to create dynamic ports?
#How to put data using SQL Adapter?
#Source schema has nodes First Name, Last Name and destination schema has node Name. How we can get data at destination so that we can have two instance of Name (without using orchestration).
#What is Bindin files?
#What is Host and Host Instance? Did u deploy BizTalk on more than one machine?
#Did You work BAS and Share Point Services? What the types of Share Point Services Setup?
# What are the different ways BizTalk can be integrated with SAP?
# In a BizTalk project how to consume an external web service?
# What is BAM?
# What is BAS?
# What are adapters? What do we need it?
# How to debug an Orchestration?
# In the Orchestration what is the difference between Exception and Compensation? Give an example of its usage scenario.
# Can we do messaging in BizTalk without Orchestration? If yes how?
# What is a Convoy? Why do we need it? Give usage scenario for each Convoy.
# Explain the Publisher - Subscriber of BizTalk
# What is a Message Box?
# What is the difference between MSMQ and MSMQT? Why do we need MSMQT?
# What are the security groups created by BizTalk?
# What is the difference between distinguished fields and Property fields? Give an example with usage scenarios for each.
# What is a MessageType?
# What is correlation? Why do we need it?
# What is a targetNamespace? Why do we need it?
# What is the difference between Windows Workflow and BizTalk server? Explain the scenarios
# How to deploy BizTalk in a multicomputer scenario. Assume there would be DMZ and Corpnet?
# Explain the Pub-sub of BizTalk ?
# What is the need to create MSMQT by BizTalk team when MSMQ is already available?
# Architect a solution that would receive 100 messages of 50 - 100 MB in size and process them in 3 mins?
# How to deploy BizTalk in a highly available scenario?
# What is the future direction of BizTalk?
# Why do we need convoy?
# How to resubmit a suspended message? What is possible and what is not possible?
# How will you create an Error handling framework in BizTalk?
# Have you ever used BizTalk server in a scenario other than in a typical messaging environment?
# What are the draw-backs of BizTalk?
# What has been your most difficult challenge in implementing Biztalk applications in the real world?
# What are the challenges you have faced using Soap Adapter?
# What are persistence points?
# What is distinguished Field?
# What is property promotion?
# What are the adapters you have used?
# Can you use excel file in File Adapter?
# How will you specify delimiters for Flat File?
# What is debatching in BizTalk?
# What are the communication patterns available in BizTalk?
# What is XPath? Benefits?
# What are the available message types?
# How does BizTalk Server Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions?
# How does BizTalk Server integrate with Office?
# Where can I find more information on BizTalk RFID
# What specific functionality will be supported with BizTalk RFID?
# What is RFID?
# Where can I find more information on SOA?
# What is an ESB and how can Microsoft help me?
# Are there different editions of BizTalk Server?
# What is the difference between accelerators and adapters, and how do we know if our company needs them
# What are the BizTalk Server Adapters, and how do the help customers do business?
# Why should I bet on MS for my SOA/ESB solution?
# What services and support do you offer for BizTalk Server?
# What platforms does BizTalk Server support?
# What advantages does BizTalk Server 2006 R2 offer over the 2006 release?
# How does BizTalk Server work with Office System products like SharePoint and InfoPath?

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