Intern Interview questions Electrical and Electronics

Intern Interview questions Electrical and Electronics
1.How to test the turn ratio of 3 phase transformer using volt meter shoe the curcit diagram ?
2.What is mean by Rolling Margin Of Steel????
3.Tell me about use of heat sinks in digital circuit?
4.What is slip rings in an induction motor&What is it's work ?
5.Why video is AM but audio is FM modulated in TV?
6.How two nos. 130 kw D.C motor get synchronise using D.C drive ?
7.Why does the Solid state Rectifiers for 3-ph brake motors sometimes have 2 & sometimes 3 output terminals?
8.What is capacitor and its function?
9.How to measure low temperature(<100 dec celsisus) with non condact sensor ?
10.What is the difference between lap splice length and development length of rebars?
11.What is reactive poower ?
12.What is the method of all soil testing in lab?
13.define the grain size analysis and What is the silt size?
14.What will happen if the centrifugal pump has no pressure?
15.Define earth lamp?
16.Why the brushes used in dc machines are made of carbon not from other metal?
17.What will happen if there is moisture in refrigeration system ?
18.What is the cold side of the refrigeration system?
19.What would happen if there was water in refrigeration line?
20.What phenomenon becomes when air mixed with refrigerant?
21.What is a magnetic valve of refrigeration system?
22.What is a liquid flooding in refrigeration system?
23.What is the hottest part of refrigerant in the refrigeration system ?
24.What will happen if we give transformer a dc not ac ?
25.Why the stator is rotated in ceiling fans not Rator?
26.What is difference between stress and pressure ?
27.What are advantages using hollow shaft impeller?
28.What is the Hardness of M-40 grade concrete, general and theoratical ?
29.What are the main parts of VCB?
30.Why fuse is? What will prevent by fuse?
31.What is the important parts of SF6?
32.What is core CT & it's function?
33.What is IPXX?
34.Why battery chargers are use in substation?
35.Why ELCB trip, when neutral touch with ground?
36.What is the important precuations need tocarried out while working with Electrolite in Battery PM?
37.Is VVVFD reduced the starting current of an induction motor?
38.How to calculate the torque of a motor?
39.What is inrush current? How can calculateit? What is the affect of it?
40.What is open delta Xformer? It's adavntages & Use?
41.Waht will happened if reactive power increase in the line? waht about active power increase too?
42.What is warm / cold start of HT motors. How many warm start & cold start are possible day?
43.How to calculate the phase to phase clearness of HT /// LT bus bar?
44.What is negative phase sequence?
45.What is thresh hold value of current?
46.What is the different between Earthing & grounding?
47.What is an Isolation Xformer? What is the use of it?
48.What is BOOSTER pump which is used in power plant?
49.What is screw pump
50.What is routh,s law in thermal engineering ?
51.What is capillarity? in case of 'water' Why capillary rise & in case of 'Hg' Why capillary depression ?
52.Which material can be used for "wearing pad" used for sliding?
53.How to convert n/mm2 in to kg/cm2?
54.What is the fuction of asstt. rigman drilling ?
55.In which reason, one end of CT secondry get connected with Earthed? Normaly S1 of CT. Why?
56.What is the knee point of voltage of CT?
57.What will Happened if the polarity of CT is changed?
58.Why we are checking the vector group & turn ratio of Xformer while PM?
59.What will Happened if the polarity of CT is changed?
60.Why Powers are named in MW?
61.What is a difference b/w earthing & neutral?
62.What are the strenth of 1cum brick work ?
63.What is the fitter ?
64.How can we calculate the motor frame sizes?
65.What is a reactive power? What is the relation with power factor?
66.What is the significance of soundness test in Cement? and How is it done??
67.What is the magnetic field (coil DC ) of Turbo Expander?
68.What is floating earthing?
69.What is Nominal voltage?
70.Why neutral point is consider as zero potential?
71.What is infinite Busbar?
72.Which type starter is used for synchronous motor?
73.Why DC exitation to AC Generator? Why not AC?
74.What is the Flow rate ?
75.What is the kva rating of 20 kv transformer?
76.What is the least count of auto level staff ?
77.Why HT motor is connected in Star?
78.What is required of exietation to the alternater ?
79.Why star point of HT motor not earthed?
80.Why we are getting low voltage in star connection?
81.What's ND relay & it's functions?
82.How instantanious short circuit current is calculated? its formula?
83.What is servo Motor? What's the advantages of this motor over Induction motor?
84.What is core CT & it's function?
85.What is required of exietation to the alternater ?
86.Why we used servo motor insted of inducation motor?
87.What is IP 55 & IP 54 ?
88.Why we used servo motor insted of inducation motor?
89.Whatis knee point ?
90.What is called star connection and delta connection also purpose of this connections?
91.What is the development length?
92.What is MVA, KVA, X-mer ?
93.What is Boiler HP?
94.What is the meaning of stub protection?
95.How many types 0f thermocouples?
96.Why some transmission lines have 7 wires n Why some have 3 n 4??
97.What will happen if dc supply is given to ac motor?
98.Types of Water Proofing Material?
99.What is the difference between rated and per unit in transformer?
100.What is the per unit cost of generation of electricity at thermal,hydro,desael,solar,gas power plant ?
101.What is grouting ?
102.What happen if generator exitation lost?
103.What is EMUA? What is its function?
104.What is Auto Dosing?
105.What causes damage to impellers?
106.What are the causes of damage to propellers?
107.What are the causes of main engine black smoke?
108.What causes crankcase explosion?
109.What is stray looses?
110.What are the defects in exhaust valve?
111.What is the seal packing gland for turbine?
112.How to prevent back fire of boiler?

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