VLSI Digital design interview questions

VLSI ASIC Digital design interview questions
1) Explain about setup time and hold time, what will happen if there is setup time and hold tine violation, how to overcome this?
2) What is skew, what are problems associated with it and how to minimize it?
3) What is slack?
4) What is glitch? What causes it (explain with waveform)? How to overcome it?
5) Given only two xor gates one must function as buffer and another as inverter?
6) What is difference between latch and flipflop?
7) Build a 4:1 mux using only 2:1 mux? Draw it?
8)Difference between heap and stack?
9) Difference between mealy and moore state machine?
10) Difference between onehot and binary encoding?
11) How to calculate maximum operating frequency?
12) How to find out longest path?
13) Draw the state diagram to output a "1" for one cycle if the sequence "0110" shows up (the leading 0s cannot be used in more than one sequence)?
14) How to achieve 180 degree exact phase shift?
15) What is significance of ras and cas in SDRAM?
16)Tell some of applications of buffer?
17)Implement an AND gate using mux?
18)What will happen if contents of register are shifter left, right?
19)What are different ways to synchronize between two clock domains?

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