What is Siebel analytics

What is Siebel analytics
The term Analytics mean a branch of logic dealing with analysis. So we can safely assume that Siebel Analytics means branch of Siebel dealing with Analysis. Siebel has always been transactional application and it is very difficult to do analysis of data that is residing in Siebel. Just to give you an example of what I mean.
Suppose a sales manager wants to know that:
How many opportunities in the last 3 months, from US Region for Product A, have a sales figure of over 3 million dollars?
I don’t think there is an easy way to get this kind of data in Siebel easily and this is just very small requirement that a sales manager might have it can get very complex easily.
This is where Siebel Analytics comes into picture. It is a wrapper over Siebel Application.
Siebel Analytics allow an enterprise to measure and evaluate business performance across customers. It helps in analyzing past, present and future opportunities with the help of Dashboard Reports to determine actions required to meet the sales targets. With the help of Dashboard reports we can determine which products and customers are generating most revenue.

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