Obiee interview questions

Obiee interview questions
1.Which ETL tool you used for data loading?
2.Name the databases you have worked on?
3.What are the levels of security?
4.What is the difference between Roles and Responsibilities in Siebel.
5.Describe the architecture of Siebel analytics?
6.What are Facts and Dimension tables.
7.what is an initialization block?
8.How to create a dashboard prompt?
9.What is a complex join? Give an example of many to many complex join.
10.Questions regarding datawarehouse.
11.Your role and responsibilities in this project.
12.Questions regarding datamart.
13.What is authentication? In web as well as rpd.
14.what are fact and dimension tables?
15.How did you do Data Level Security and what are the different ways of doing it?
16.What is a snowflake schema and have you worked on it?
17.What are the tasks you did as Analytics Administrator and how?
18.How did you do Cache management?
19.How did you handle security management?
20.How did you do multi-user development environment setup?
21.Were you involved in the design phase and what did you do?
22.How did you do performance tuning?
23.What kind of data source do you have in your project and how did you connect to it?
24.What happens when NQQuery log file is full?
25.Which component schedules, monitors, configure ETL routines? Ans:DAC client.
26.How can you purge the cache?
Ans:a. Use cache manager,
b. setting the Cache Persistence Time in the Physical Table
dialog box for a particular table
c. use event polling tables
27.Can one presentation catalog refer to multiple business models? Ans: No
28.Can multiple presentation catalogs refer to one business model? Ans: Yes
29.What is Dimension Hierarchy
30.What are the types of variables? Give Examples?

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