Auditor Interview Questions Part 2

Auditor Interview Questions Part 2
51.What is the difference between amalgamation, absorption, liquidation ? Why realisation account is being prepared ?
52.What is stock dividend?
53.Whatis auditng ?
54.What is accounting ?
55.What do you understand by double entry system?
56.What is bank audit and What type of document is used in bank audit ?
57.What is sales tax ?
58.What is opening balance?
59.What is internal audit?
60.What's are difference between Capital Reserve & Reserve Capital ?
61.Why we are preparing Bank Reconciliation Statements ?
62.What is Asset Revaluation? and when it is required?
63.How to raise capital (equity) in non-listed company??
64.What are the basic rules in accounting?
65.Difference b/w debit and credit ?
66.when Deferred Tax Asset & Deferred tax liability arises?
67.What is the difference between capital and revenue expenditure ?
68.Explain the liabalities of a company auditor ?
69.What are the cost audit and management audit?
70.What are the types of audit programme?
71.What are examples of Factory Overhead?
72.What are reasons for giving credit note and sales return to customers?
73.What are the reasons for debtors outstanding sHowing as negative?
75.What is your Strenth and waekness & why ?
76.What do you mean acculmated depreciation?
77.How two calculate capital a/c ??
78.Define Materiality Concept ?
79.What ic the definition of cash in bank??
80.What are the reasons for Suppliers balance outstanding sHowing as negative?
81.What are the portions to be covered in tax audit and What are the papers to be checked in tax audit by auditors?
82.What is tax audit ?
84.What is the difference between cheque and draft ?
85.What the meaning of Computer Auditing?
86.What is a turn over ratio?
87.What is pert?
88.What are the golden rules for accounts receivable?
89.What are the golden rules for accounts payable??
90.What duty to auditors and independent examiner have to report problems to the Commission ?
91.What wording should be used in the audit report?
92.Who can carry out a charity audit?
93.What is meant by vouching?
94.What is the Difference between Current Assets and Fixed Assets and How would you classified it ?
95.What is inventory and How can manage the inventory? What is ledger and 96.What difference in inventory and ledger?

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