Auditor Interview Questions Part 1

Auditor Interview Questions Part 1
1.whether VAT is an asset or liabilities?

2.How will u check the account receivables and cash balances while doing audit ?

3.What is the differece between internal & external audit?

4.How many types of auding report?

5.What Is audit ? Explain the inventory audit ?

6.What do you mean by documentation?

7.When we use D form?

8.What is audit test?

9.What is compliace test?

10.What is substantive test?

11.How many types of Audit?

12.What is meaning TDS?


14.What is a contra entry How it is passed in journal and cashbook?

15.Is Taxi bills allowed to claim the LTA?

16.What is monthly closings?

17.What is Cost audit & its Type?

18.What is journal for Credit purchase?

19.What is the role of Internal Auditor?

20.What is the key factor while making cash & fund flow statement?

21.when is the closing stock sHown in the trial balance?

22.Expand MRPS ?

23.Expand SRPM ?

24.Expand PRSM ?

25.Expand BRPT ?

26.Expand BPR ?

27.Expand PRB ?

28.Expand BRP?

29.Expand ESRD ?

30.Expand RDES ?

31.Expand MPSR ?

32.What is mean by misc- assets?

33.What is the reason for controls in an IS environment?

34.What is suspense capital a/c? when this type of account will be opened in the books of accounts?

35.What is trial balance ? How can finalisation the accounts?

36.What is Esi ,Pf,and Payroll?

37.What is GSP?

38.What is statutary audit?

39.What is the Procedure for Audit the Educational Institutions? and What are the documents we have to verify?

40.What is the importance of Stock Audit, Accounting Audit ?

41.What is HRA ? How WILL CALCULATED ?

42.What are non-cash impairment charges?

43.How would you describe your management style ?

44.What are your primary responsibilities in Accountant employment ?

45.What is the accounting entry for fictitious asset ?

46.Define Internal audit responsibility ?

47.What IS IFRS?

48.How ficticious assets are valued??

49.What is the accounting ?

50.What is the accounting cycle ?

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