Agriculture Interview Questions Part -2

Agriculture Interview Questions Part -2
93.Why the Kisan Call Center is given to Bad company like Caretel . Caretel Pay very less salary to their employee. It should be in Govt hand?
94.If u want to improve homozygous varities throgh selection which selection do u prefer?
95.what's the difference between intra generic and interspecific hybridisation?
96.which hybridisation do u prefer for improving disease resistance in sugarcane varieties?
97.What is intensive cultivation?
98.which hybridisation do u prefer for?
99.if u want to improve homozygous varities throgh?
100.Is there a strong biological relationshop between corn and milkweed?
101.What are the potential risks to non-target orgranisms?
102.Is there another way to get the same genetic?
103.Is it better, to kill the black alkali in the soil with gypsum?
104.What is "sour" soil?
105.What is the fertilizing value of hog manure?
106.What is compost?
107.What are greens and browns?
108.Why does compost need air and water?
109.What is a C/N ratio?
110.How to speed up decomposition?
111.What's the easiest way to make compost?
112.When is my compost finished?
113.Do fungus gnats, phorid flies or moth flies bite?
114.What is the life expectancy of a stink bug?
115.what are the symptoms of sorghum Anthracnose diasease?
116.what are the symptoms of Powdery mildew of wheat?
117.Mention the symptoms of downy mildew of grapes?
118.which group of hosts deposit gums to defend themselves?
119.How to measure a disease?
120.what are the symptoms of clubroot of crucifers?
121.what is the basic difference in the formation?
122.what are the symptoms of Ergot of wheat?
123.How to detect the armillaria root disease?
124.Where would you find a tormogen cell?
125.Where is the tympanum located in the family Tettigoniidae?
126.Who was the first person to recognize John Henry Comstock's taxonomic specialty was?
127.Do needles appear to be mottled?
128.Is there any sign of larvae or Are the bites toxic?
129.In what order of insects would you find hamuli?
130.Where would you find a tormogen cell?
131.Where is the tympanum located in the family Tettigoniidae?
132.Who was the first person to John Henry Comstock's taxonomic specialty?
133.What popular journal did C. V. Riley and B. D. Walsh begin in 1868?
134.Explain the Groups of Cryptogams ?
135.Explain Albuminous and Exalbuminous seeds ?
136.What are the condition necessary for Germination?
137.Explain the functions of Cotyledons?
138.Write about POLLINATION ?
139.Explain the INDEHISENTS or ACHENIAL Fruits ?
140.Explain the Dispersal of seeds and Fruits ?
141.Write about Chemical composition of Plants ?
142.Explain the Nitrogen of the Soil ?
143.Explain the Absorption of Minerals and water ?
144.what are various seasons?
145.What ate the chief constituents of soil ?
146.Why does leguminous crop improve the nature of soil ?
147.what is the highest peak of satpuda ranges?

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